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Whirlpool Energy Smart water heater won't reset  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Wed Sep 12th, 2012 12:19 pm
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Woke up this morning to a cold shower. Breaker was tripped in the panel. Whirlpool Energy Smart water heater was blinking twice. High limit temp had been reached. Manual says to reset. Pushed the red button, but water heater will not reset.:shock:
Any suggestions?

Troy, Ohio

Oh...yes, I did reset the breaker in the panel.

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 Posted: Wed Sep 12th, 2012 02:32 pm
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Hello:  I'm not too familiar with "Smart" heaters.  The things I'd check on a normal heater would be first use a meter to see if there is power coming down into the top of the high limit switch, just above the reset button.  Then check after (under) the button to see if power is getting through.  Next, I'd check the elements for leaks to ground.  Hopefully that will give some useful clues ;)  Instructions are in "tanklets".

Yours,  Larry

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 Posted: Mon Sep 17th, 2012 08:19 am
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American posted a service manual for energy smart:
I believe the grey-box-on-top energy-smart product is discontinued, except US Craftmaster still shows it on their site.

Page 5 shows 2 blinks.
Buy cheap multimeter from home center, install battery, set to ohms (upside down horseshoe symbol)
Check ohms of elements, check wires, test ohm of thermistors using chart pg 10
Could be bad control box.
Elements are generic from local hardware.
Other parts: Call Whirlpool with model and serial number showing on label on side of tank. 1-877-817-6750

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