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 Posted: Sun Apr 15th, 2018 10:55 pm
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Hello all. New to the forums. I've been researching boilers for the last couple of months. I had some gas lines ran to the home to switch from oil heat to gas heat. I have to make a decision this year or I have to pay for the credit UGI gave me for the line install.

I've been looking at all sorts of boiler types, and I am having a hard time making up my mind on some things... I definitely want a direct vent. By the time I get a chimney vent with the lining of the chimney, it'll cost about the same or even more then just getting a high efficiency boiler.

I was researching condensing combo boilers but I don't like the idea of how I have to drain out the condensation, and being in the basement I would need a pump to pump it up and out. Then I have to worry about the drain pipe freezing. My least likely option, but the prices are cheap and I could sell my hot water heater to get back even more of my money.

Are there non condensing combo boilers? I found a NRCB180DV 180,000 BTU Combi Boiler and no where in the description does it mention being a condensing boiler. But it looks small compared to a heat only boiler. Are they a good option? I would hope that I could take a shower and not experience cold water if the heating system had to kick on lol.

The other option is just getting a heat only HE gas boiler. I had there boilers I was looking at:

PVG3, 52,000 BTU Output High Efficiency Cast Iron Boiler
GV90+3 56,000 BTU Output High Efficiency Gas Boiler
GV90+4 84,000 BTU High Efficiency Gas Boiler

I really don't think I would need 84k BTUs with the Well Mclain. I live in one of my units of a multi unit home, and this apartment is only around 650-700 SQ FT minus the basement. I think 52-56k would be enough for such a small home. The current system is 120k but it used to supply more units before I cut those lines off.

I really like the idea of a combo boiler that doesn't condensate. But again, not sure if the one I posted condensates or not, if it doesn't then I think I might go with that one. But with domestic hot water heating, how many BTUs should you have to be able to take a shower while the boiler also heats your heating water? I thought 180k would be more then enough but I saw some reviews about combo boilers not being good for more then 1 hot water line at a time. Suggestions? Thanks!

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 Posted: Mon Apr 16th, 2018 12:40 am
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Hello,  This forum is mostly for domestic hot water. The best place on the internet for your questions is  Let me warn you that they will tell you that you need a real heat loss calculation as a starting point.  From there, the many details can be worked out.

Yours,  Larry

ps, As to the water heater question, a boiler plus an indirect heater for domestic hot water will allow you to size the boiler only for space heating. Th indirect tank should be set to priority so when it begins to cool, the boiler temporarily does only the DHW load and once that's satisfied, goes back to space heating.

pps. Having a condensing boiler allows you to use inexpensive PVC or other plastic venting.  See if the folks at heatinghelp can calm your concerns about condensing boilers.

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