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 Posted: Sat Jan 26th, 2019 05:57 pm
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Hi Friends,

New to the forum, so thanks in advance for hearing of my hot water woes... First a bit about my house:

Single family home which was repiped with copper in 2007.
Purchased AO Smith GNR 40 200 in August 2013.
I had the best showers of my life for 4 years! Was a happy camper. Sometime last year, I noticed that the hot water volume was decreasing, I thought.. could the city be reducing the pressure at certain times or all my neighbors were taking showers at the same time? All irrational, but with copper, i thought my water pressure woes were behind me.

I am a heavy water user with several ponds and landscaping that puts me in the upper quartile of water users in my area.

We also have very hard water here which is great for my pond fish, but not so good for humans. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to install a water softener. We added a loop off the main feed and installed the softener 2 weeks ago.

I then decided that I needed to tackle the lower water volume issue, so I decided to flush my water heater. After the initial effort, the volume got even worse! I called my handyman friend and we spent about 3 hours coat hangering out as much sediment as we could (see picture attached) I had done nothing with the water heater since installing (big mistake I know now).
Incredible amounts of sediment and scale came out.

Then, working with Randy, I ordered and installed a new anode, my old one was completely consumed, no evidence I ever had one, actually. When this work didn't help my water volume issue, I did more:

Replaced the copper flex feed tubes.
Flushed pipes in house by blocking a faucet and forcing cold water back through the hot water line, no sediment removed.
Inspected water heater dip tube - in good condition.
Confirmed that water heater pressure matches house pressure at 65 pounds.
Visually checked flow from main to heater by attaching a hose to pipe fitting - it appears to be normal, no drop off apparent.
Tested flow rate by filling a one gallon container from a tap with aerator removed, as follows:

Cold fill: 7 seconds
Hot fill: 23 seconds

When opening this sink tap, hot water pressure drops from 65 pounds to 0 pounds, measured on a gauge connected to the water drain. Normal faucet with aerator drops it to 40 pounds.

My pipes are under warranty by Repipe Specialists. They want a $125 refundable deposit to come out and inspect and fix any workmanship or material defects. Anything else needed will be estimated and I lose the $125.

I have uploaded a 40 second video showing the difference between the cold and hot water.

Any insight as to what I can check before they come out would be appreciated!


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