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Condensing vs Non-Condensing for outdoor install?  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Wed Nov 7th, 2018 05:48 am
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I am a General Contractor and I have a client who wants to go to a tankless WH now that their traditional unit has failed. A couple years ago we did some re-modeling of their home and during the work we plumbed for a future outdoor tankless WH. (We ran the water and gas to an outside wall on the side of their house). The future is here. My plumber has installed many tankless units but unfortunately he has no recommendation between condensing and non-condensing units. I have a general understanding of the difference between the 2 but I still don't know which would be better for my client. I am hoping to get opinions/recommendations here. My understanding is, the non-condensing type do not require the expensive venting, but with outdoor installation it seems that is a non issue because there is no venting required. So, given that, is a condensing unit the better way to go? Do the non-condensing units produce dangerously hot exhaust? Do the condensing units require a place for the accumulated water to drain? Just a few questions I'm hoping to get answered before I make a recommendation. Thanks in advance.

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