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AO Smith - difference between ENT-50 and PNT-50  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Dec 31st, 2019 03:57 pm
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Are there any manufacturing differences between an AO Smith ENT-50 and a PNT-50? My plumber is suggesting an ENT-50 as a replacement unit.

These are ProLine Electric Tank models. The only information I can see on the spec sheet (AOSRE50608) is a footnote on the ENT-50 that says

†For 10-year tank and 10-year parts warranty, change “E” to “P” in the model number (example: ENT-30 becomes PNT-30).

So are they built exactly the same, but the PNT gets the longer warranty and higher price, or are the PNTs built differently to really give longer life?

John in Delaware

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 Posted: Tue Dec 31st, 2019 06:48 pm
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The longer warranty tank probably has either a thicker primary anode or an additional one in the hot port. The only difference between short- and long-warranty tanks, as far as we know, is more anode. You might save some money by doing that part yourself. Read the Anodes entry in the Basics section of my main site to learn more.

Randy Schuyler

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 Posted: Tue Jan 14th, 2020 07:25 pm
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Hi John and Randy,
In addition to the larger or second anode, the manufacturer may have bought more insurance for the longer warranty tank. At least that was AOS approach in the late '70's.
Bill Loesch

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